modular buildings and portable containers

EUROmodul is the leading modular building and containers, street furniture and advertising equipment manufacturer in South East Europe and the wide range of products put us among the world leaders. Our products can be found in the streets and city squares of many cities.

We received recognition for our dynamic development and business success, as well as for advanced innovations from the World famous jury, REDDOT and iF product design awards!


  • Our knowledge and experience gained by annual production of up to 5000 containers and export to the Europe, Russia, the Middle East countries and Africa.
  • EUROmodul is hand crafted manufacturer wich is specialised in engineering for CUSTOM MADE projects. Request your design, custom container layout, equipment, materials, etc... and we will advice you with our offer for best possible container complex layout and price.
  • In production of containers we use the most advanced zinced steel and thermal-insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool, IPN, etc.) and materials of the façade by specific requirements of investors.
  • EUROmodul containers have broad range of usage, mostly in construction and housing.
  • Office containers for construction sites or multi-year temporary facility/office container; housing single container or container housing settlements; kindergartens, schools, etc.; FLAT PACK containers for installation in remote locations; storage and warehouse containers; sanitary containers or public toilet facilities; ambulatory containers or permanent facilities clinics, health centers, etc.; kitchen containers for construction sites; specific containers for mobile or fixed telephony, radio links, transmitters, etc.; mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, bars, etc.
  • EUROmodul container factory in Rijeka / Croatia is situated near sea port - harbour which is good logistic point for sea transport of different container types for World- wide destinations. Road transport in Rijeka is connecting West and South East Europe.
  • EUROmodul container factory in Belgrade / Serbia have export advantages of containers to Russia and South East Europe.

Highlighted reference

STUDENT CAMPUS - production and installation of modular building in Berlin

Factory EUROmodul signed a contract with German investor 11/05/2014. to build the student's campus in Berlin of 12.000 m2 living area with 392 modules, each of 12,0 x 2,4 x 3,0 m which is the first project of its kind offered by the local company.

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