EUROmodul factories

EUROmodul is the leading street furniture , advertising equipment and containers - modular buildings manufacturer in Europe with production in Croatia (Rijeka) and two factories in Serbia (Nova Pazova). With our range of products, we are also one of the biggest. Our products can be found in the streets and city squares all over the World.

Exploring new frontiers, most of the things has been done. Most of the things have been achieved. Most of the goals have been set. So they say, where others tend to stop, we tent to move. We are not afraid to be the leaders of ingeniosity. Every day we create something new.
We question everything, all over again, from the start. We are those who break new ground, investigate new concepts, make new perceptions. EUROmodul received recognition for dynamic development and success in business, as well as for advanced innovations from the World famous jury, REDDOT and iF product design awards!

In 2013. EUROmodul has expanded production capacity at 20000m2 in Serbia and the production takes place in two factories.

Partners World Wide

By widening our production and sales range World Wide, EUROmodul got partners and clients around the Globe. Be free to contact us if you are interested to be our agent or partner.