POST IT kiosk , Post Slovenia

23.08.2017. 13:21:48

EUROmodul installed the first modern POST IT assembly unit in Slovenia in Ljubljana.

With modern design and interesting offer, first and foremost an efficient and fast service and easy non-stop availability, represents a new milestone in development and work of  the Post of Slovenia as a post of the future.The self-service PS 24/7 the Post of Slovenia in Ljubljana is made up of interconnected machines that provide users with a variety of services.

For easier and faster access to food products in the outdoor unit, customers are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, access to selected postal and banking services, customer service with PS vending machine packs, ATM and New KBM of selected Pharmacy products in Ljubljanahe customers can make ordinary letter delivery, buy different envelopes and packaging packages, postcards, greeting cards, postal stamps and other products from the automat.In vending machine packs, they can easily receive and send packets, use ATM New KBM or raise cash and pay accounts.