Specification of modular building system

structure - elementsStandardOptional
FoundationConcrete: plate, strip foundation, single foundation, combinations of typesConcrete: plate, strip foundation, single foundation, combinations of types
FloorsOSB plates, PVC dressingcement board, cheramic for "wet" spaces
Walls - from exteriourzinced and plastificated plate, low corrugation or casettsprecious plasters, facade bricks, cement boards, HPL
Walls - from interiour and internal wallsgypsum boards, paintedcheramic tiles, zinced plasticated plate
Roofzinced plastificated platetile, imitarion of tiles (hip roof)
Ceilinggypsum boards, paintedenriched chipboard, lowered ceiling, various fillings
WindowsPVC with triple glass, U=0,86aluminium, wood
Exteriour dooraluminium with termical insulation U=0,86PVC with termical insulation U=0,86
Inner dooraluminiumwood
Electric installationsaccording EU normson request
Sanitary installationsmasched instalaltions, plastic tubeson request
Dimensions in 3D modulesLenght 3.0, 6.5 and 9.0 m
width: 2.44 and 3.0 m
inner height 2.5 m
exterior height 3.0 m
on request
up to 3.5 m
up to 3.0 m
up to 3.5 m
fire protection class
Mineral wool: Class A2 - s1, d0
PIR pannel: Class B - s2, d0
thermal insulation

With this kind of specifications on thermal insulation, we call our structures as Energy efficient buildings
Facade type A - assembly in factory

Facade type B - assembly on location

Facade type C - assembly in factory